Soul Food Revival Series

Encouraging Spiritual Intimacy Unto Christ-Like Fruitfulness

The Soul Food Revival Series is a personal blog that was established in the late 1990’s.  It started as a journal that evolved into a shared devotional that was sent via email across the United States.  With the change in technology and online media, the Soul Food Revival Series eventually crossed over into blogging.  The primary function of this blog and now website is to encourage believers to pursue and develop a greater depth of spiritual intimacy that results in Christ-like character.  God bless you as you grow to enjoy the journey and develop mature faith that resembles Jesus Christ our Lord.


Hephzibah House Of Prayer

“Empowering women to embrace a culture of prayer in the presence of the Holy Spirit.”

Our Mission

Our heart is to empower women to embrace a culture of prayer in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Women have great influence, whether it be at home or in the work place.  Yet many are struggling with self image, confidence, loving themselves and one another. In Isaiah 62:4 it says that “God delights in her” as he was referring to His people. When I read the full passage the Lord spoke  and revealed to me that this is how He sees us women, exceedingly beautiful, righteous, lovely, royal, a crown of glory and honor in the hand of the Lord. Beloved, He sees you beautiful and longs for you to do the same. It is our desire to be an instrument for the Lord to break down those barriers of fear, anxiety,and lies that the culture and media today has so engraved into our minds about what we should look like and how we should act. We will strive to do this by developing in women a desire to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit and meditate in the Word of God as we look to Him FIRST for the answers needed to life’s most difficult challenges.